Here is a list of resources and articles about divesting from private health insurance companies.

Divestment Campaign for Healthcare Brochure (.pdf)
Proposal of Shareholder’s Resolution to TIAA-CREF (.pdf)
Sample Letter to University Administrators (.doc)
Know Your Investments (.pdf)

Mutual Funds that Exclude Health Insurers
Eventide Funds
Harrington Investments
Zevin Asset Management

“Socially Responsible” Mutual Funds with Significant Holdings in Health Insurance Stock
TIAA-CREF – Social Choice Equity (TICRX)
Calvert Investments – Know What You Own

Article of Interest
Big Banks, Health Insurers Remain in Many ‘Socially Responsible’ Funds –
Health Care Versus Wealth Care: Investors with a Conscience Should Divest from Health Insurance Companies | Tikkun Magazine
Rob Stone M.D.: Napalm, Big Health Insurance, and Divestment
Rob Stone M.D.: WellPoint/Anthem Shareholders Revolt!
Rob Stone M.D.: 30 Million WellPoint Shares Voted: Return to Non-Profit!
Rob Stone M.D.: Progressives and Conservatives Agree: Single Payer Healthcare Is Inevitable
The New Medical-Industrial Complex — NEJM
Time to divest from insurance companies? – PNHP’s Official Blog
Kentucky Presbyterian group urges scrutiny of big health insurers, with eye to possible divestment | Physicians for a National Health Program
Proposed Overture to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) | Physicians for a National Health Program